(CH.Dalakhani des Terres d'Armor x CH.Alport Tiger Moth)

née le 27/04/2012

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A propos de Izel ...

Izel est une fille de notre Tj et de la très jolie Championne Alport Tiger Moth. C'est une très jolie chienne , très standard et parfaitement équilibrée . Izel est née en Suède , chez Agneta et Magnus ( Elevage Crudha) et vit chez Patricia. Pleine de vie, très vive d'esprit, elle comprend tout et tout de suite.


Vu par ...

Caroline Dewar (UK-Euphemia) 1st. Crudha Breizh Izel

"Well balanced black brindle, not overdone. Well shaped skull, tidy ears, correct bite, good eye placement. Clean well boned wide front, good rib, nice clean outline to her body, level topline & well angulated rear. Moved well. Well presented. A tidy bitch."


Norman Berry (UK-Rendorm) 2nd. CHAINE Ms A Crudha Breizh Izel 27/4/12 Br Mrs A Wihlborg, Ch Dalakhani des Terres d'Armor / Alport tiger Moth. Black brindle. Two different types. Head with proportionate skull and muzzle ratio , dark eye, neat ears. Nice square front with well round boned legs, I felt the feet could be a little tighter. A very typey bitch who presents a very pleasing picture from all angles .. Nicely bodied with both taper from above and depth in profile. Stifles have angled proportionately with well let down hocks. Moved well both ways.


Maureen Ward (UK - Zabaretts) 1st CHAINE Ms A Crudha Breizh Izel  . Beautiful headed b/br with super dark eye full of expression that followed you. Breadth of skull with depth of stop and correct ratio for foreface to balance, good cheek muscles, and clean mouth with strong underjaw. Well fronted with depth of brisket, clean strong neck into nice laid back shoulders and rib to match body. In at loins and plenty of strength in back quarters, pushed hard in the challenge.


Résultats ...

08/02/13 - Swansea (UK)


02/06/13 - Southern Counties (UK)


10/08/13 - Bournemouth (UK)


25/08/13 - SKC (UK)


09/11/13 - EMSBTC (UK)


14/12/13 - Nantes (F)


15/12/13 - Nantes (F)


19/01/14 - Bordeaux (F)


27/04/14 - Amiens (F)


09/05/14 - Birmingham (UK)


01/06/14 - Bailleul sur Thérain (F)


17/06/14 - Border Union (UK)


22/06/14 - La Rochelle (F)


06/07/14 - East of England (UK)


26/07/14 - Leeds (UK)


27/07/14 - Notts&Derby (UK)


13/09/14 - NE Margny les Compiègnes (F)


14/09/14 -Margny les Compiègnes (F)


01/08/15 - Paington (UK)


30/08/15 - Romorantin (F)


19/09/15 - Darlington (UK)


04/10/15 - NE Magny-Cours (F)


10/10/15 - Club Match (NL)



11/10/15 - SBTCN Asperen (NL)


22/11/15 - Le Mans (F)


12/12/15 - Nantes (F)


13/12/15 - Nantes (F)




Mr Brey Jimenez (S)


Mme McFadyen (UK)


Mme Ward (UK)


Mr Dillon (UK)


Mme Hubery (UK)


Mr Jouhanchicot (F)


Mr Escoffier (F)


Mr Marshall (UK)


Mr Calloch' (F)


Mr Cund (UK)


Mme Coble (UK)


Mme Dewar (UK)


Mme Dupouy (F)


Mr Stanway (UK)


Mr Owen (UK)


Mr Evans (UK)


Mme Gray (UK)



Mme Smith (UK)


Mr Berry (UK)


Mr Calloch (F)


Mme Ward (UK)


Mme Ward (UK)


Mr Lothary (D)/Mrs Bogovic(Sl)/Mr Davies (Uk)


Mrs Harrison (Uk)


Mr Thevenon (F)


Mr Calloch (F)


Mme Hubery (UK)



1st Best Puppy - 2nd puppy in group


2nd Junior class Crufts Qualified'14


5th VHC


5th VHC


5th VHC


2ème EXC


4ème EXC




1ere EXC CACS CACIB Meilleur de Race


Short listed Limit class




1st PG class Crufts Qualified'15


1er EXC CACS CACIB Meilleur de Race


4th Res Limit class


2nd Limit class - Stud Book N°


5th VHC Limit class


3ème EXC





2nd Limit class


1ere EXC CACS Meilleur de Race


1st Limit class


1ere EXC


2nd general with the french team





2ème EXC


1ere EXC CACS Meilleur de Sexe Opposé





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