(Good One Cyril des Terres d'Armor x Douchka du Bois de Beaulieu)

DoB 07/02/2014

Health tests
- DNA Profiled (antagène)
- L2HGA tested Clear
- HC tested Clear
- PHPV/PPSC + all eyes diseases unaffected
- DIL tested clear ( not blue carrier)
- BAER test - clear
Mains results
- UK Top Stafford '16 ( SBT Annual)
- UK Stafford of the Year '16
- UK Champion'16
- French Champion '16
- 4 x UK CC
- 3 x UK RCC
- CAC / Res Best in Show SBTCN'16
- CAC / Best in Show SBTCN'15
- CACS / Best in Show French Club show '15
- Stud Book N°
- BOB RE des Pays de Loire'15
- Best Hope French National Champ show '14
- Junior class winner Crufts'15
- 1st Minor Puppy EMSBTC'14
Crufts Qualified'15
About Jazz ...

Jazz is breed, owned and loved by our friend Sébastien. He lives 2 hours from us, we are currently showing him over the UK and in France.

He is a very special boy for us, he is out our Daïgo - Good One Cyril des Terres d'Armor - and his lovely mother is out our old Tytan des Gardiens de l'Ame Celte. The whole litter is excellent quality and his sister Jazzy is also currently shown with success.




Seen by  ...

Audrey Hubery (UK-Nozac) 1st JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

" Well what can I say these awesome Staffords kept coming. A very promising youngster he did not put a foot wrong. A lovely deep red who I may add is just out of puppy with his many attributes one to watch out for. I like his not over done head shape but I would have preferred a smaller ear although they were correctly set. Stop not too short into clean under jaw, not too wide in front with elbows tucked in. Very good pigmentation, bang on standard, short compact and moved effortlessly for his lady handler. Well done. "


Wynny Southworth - 1st JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

" Beautiful red puppy of quality. excellent head with dark eyes . correct mouth . Lovely ears user to annonce expression. straight front . lovely body . nice rear quarter . good top line standing and on move . excellent prospect . good luck! potential champion !"



"Jazz De Power Breton, very eyecatching r/w, oozes quality, superb head with neat ears, correct mouth, lovely front, well ribbed, short coupled strong hindquarters so well balanced, sound as they come moved with drive. Surely one to watch. Well deserved. RCC"


Wynny Southworth - 1st JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

"There is no doubt in my mind that this young dog is destined for a UK title. Most appealing viewed from any angle. Red with white. Lovely head, make and shape, darkest of eyes, good mouth and correct ear carriage. Well boned straight front with well padded tight feet. Good spring of rib, level topline and well bent stifles. Moved and handled with style. Only beaten for CC by maturity. RCC "

Lesley McFadyen - 1st JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

"This was a very good quality class and I was really spoiled for choice. Having said earlier what great overall quality I felt was on offer, this class gave up the two jewels in the crown. A beautiful standard red dog with everything where it needs to be and no exaggerations, I have awarded him last year at the Dutch Championship show when he went on to be Best in Show under the two main judges and I would say that he has continued to improve. This fellow flows from a well defined head with a strong and deep muzzle into a muscular body with width and depth all in balance, a great width and strength of back end which makes him capable of moving with drive. He has lovely bone and substance but is not overdone in any way, excellent pigmentation enhances throughout and he stands on beautifully neat feet with good padding. The scent of the bitches on the grass meant that on the move he did his fair share of sniffing – he wasn’t the only one – but what he did show was a level topline and reach and drive. I was delighted to be able to award him his first CC and wish him and all connected with him good luck for the next ones, I doubt they will be long coming. I was also delighted that my co-judge, Andy Land, agreed with me for the Best in Show award, I bet the journey home was a happy one even if there was Bank Holiday traffic hold ups…"

Jack Coats - 1s t JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

"Red/white. If there is such a thing as star quality then this most handsome of dogs has it in abundance. He stood out as soon as he entered the ring and I was not disappointed when I went over him. Firstly he has the most beautiful masculine head that has optimum blend of bull and terrier, correct length of (clean) foreface ratio to compliment the rest if his wonderfully sculptured head.Strong cheek muscles, deep enough stop, well placed dark round eye, tidy correctly set ears, all giving just the perfect Stafford expression. His front is as straight as can be atop tight well padded feet. In profile he sets a bonnie picture with both front and rear angulation complimenting each other perfectly. He was well tucked up giving just further evidence as to the obvious hard work that had been done to present this young lad in such impressive condition. On the move he travelled freely both going and coming, and held his topline all with great economy of effort. For me he was most definitely the star of the day. DCC & BOB."

Bev Harrison - 1st JAZZ DE POWER BRETON

"I think this dog is one of the best red dogs I have ever seen, I just love him from the end of his nose to the tip of his tail, he fits the standard for me perfectly. His head shape and expression are superb the darkest of eyes round and perfectly placed. His pigmentation is dark, his ears are rose and neat, he is clean in the lip with a good width of muzzle and depth of under-jaw. Correct bite. Very good front with correct weight of bone. Short neck blending into good shoulder correctly placed. Good depth to his brisket and spring to his rib. Level top line and short coupled body. Correct bend of stifle with good width of ham. Good tail set, very neat feet and short tight coat. Moved and handled extremely well. I was very happy to award him the CC and make him up to a very worthy champion."

Results ...

13/09/14 - NE SBTCF (F)


02/11/14 - Southern Counties (UK)



07/03/15 - Crufts (UK)


30/05/15 - RE des Pays de Loire (F)


04/06/15 - Three Counties (UK)


04/07/15 - Auch (F)


25/07/15 - Notts&Derby (UK)


26/07/15 - Leeds (UK)


13/09/15 - Compiègne (F)


26/09/15 - Belfast ( UK)


04/10/15 - NE Magny-Cours (F)


10/10/15 - Stafford Match (NL)



11/10/15 - SBTCN Asperen (NL)


13/12/15 - Nantes (F)


01/05/16 - MSBTC (UK)


02/05/16 - MCSBTC (UK)

27/05/16 - Bath (UK)

27/05/16 - WSBTC (UK)

03/07/16 - Windsor (UK)

16/09/16 - Darlington (UK)

17/09/16 - NESBTC (UK)

18/09/16 - NCSBTC (UK)

09/10/16 - SBTCN (NL)

27/10/16 - Midland Counties (UK)

12/11/16 - SBTC (UK)

13/11/16 - EMSBTC (UK)


Mme Southworth (UK)


Mr Davies (UK)



Mme Hubery (UK)


Mme Morris (UK)


Mme Lee (UK)


Mr Calloch (F)


Mr Dillon (UK)


Mr Scanlan (UK)


Mr Wedgwood (UK)


Mme Southworth (UK)


Mr Owen (UK)


Mr Lothary (D)/Mrs Bogovic (Sl)/Mr Davies (UK)


Mrs McFadyen (UK)/Mr Martin (UK)


Mrs Hubery (UK)


Mrs Williams (UK)


Mr Emmet (UK)

Mr Finney (UK)

Mme McFayen (UK)

Mr Martin (UK)

Mr John (UK)

Mr Coats (UK)

Mme Harrison (UK)

Mme Coble (UK)

Mme Coble (UK)

Mme Wall (UK)

Mr Mace (UK)



1st Very Promissing BEST HOPE


1st minor puppy class /2nd puppy class Crufts Qualified'14


1st Junior class




1st Junior class - RESERVE CC




4th RES






1st Limit class - RESERVE CC




1st (-24 months dog/team) 2nd general / 12 teams






2nd Limit class


3rd Limit class

5th VHC Limit class

1st Limit class - CC, BEST DOG, BEST IN SHOW

3rd Limit class

1st Limit class

1st Limit class - CC, BEST DOG, BEST IN SHOW

1st Limit class - CC, BEST DOG, RES BEST IN SHOW


1st Open class - CC, BEST DOG, BEST OPPOSITE

2nd Open class - RCC

4th RES




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